Business Phone Plans

Supercharge Your Business Voice with GoodwayTech

PAYG & Capped plans for businesses of all sizes.

Already using a VOIP phone system but in need of a new call plan provider? GoodwayTech offers a range of cost-effective plans designed to save your business money. Our Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans start at just $25 per month, with minimal call charges. Explore below for further details.

PAYG & Capped Plans

Each plan allows one concurrent inbound or outbound call – Not sure how many lines your business needs, request a free quote via our contact page.

Minimum Total Cost for PAYG is $30.00 (1 phone Line + 1 Single Number Hosting).

Minimum Total Cost for Capped is $60.00 (1 phone Line + 1 Single Number Hosting).

Calling packages require a site or cloud hosted PBX system to work. We can provide this services via our 3CX systems.

All prices INC GST.

Which package is right for you?

GoodwayTechs’ Light Caller PAYG plan allows you to connect an IP or analog PBX system to the telephone network, drastically reduce call costs, and use your existing phone numbers from anywhere in the world. 

If you find that your business is predominantly calling landlines or just receiving calls, this plan is probably the right one for you.

With no contract and a one-time setup fee, this is the perfect way to start saving money on your business phone system with VoIP. Bulk packages are available if more lines are required on request.